Super Bowl Best Buffalo Wings Manayunk

At JD McGillicuddy’s we have some great Specials every day of the week, and each one is something you can’t miss. On Tuesday, we have Wing Night!. Step into the Bar and get $.35 cent Buffalo Wings or $.50 cent Boneless Wings, $8 Rum Buckets, $4 Blue Moons, $4 Smirnoff Drinks, $3 Bud Lights! If you buy one of everything you’ll leave happy for less than $20!

Always bought fresh and never frozen our wings are first deep fried and then, after having got their nice brown color, are drained and mixed with one of our unique sauces. The batter holds the secret ingredient that makes our wings crispy but not overly doughy or dry. For those of you who have a fondness for the sweet and spicy your need to try the Matty Wings. These wings are cooked in honey BBQ sauce with a hint of heat from down south that will tingle your taste buds.  We also have a very unique Buffalo garlic sauce which is garlic roasted and tossed in the buffalo hot sauce. For the less fiery people, who prefer their sauce a little sweet, you can opt for Jack’s Bourbon. This is a sweet and tangy Bourbon sauce done up in the southern style. For those who want something a little different, the choice should be Old Nellie. This is a hot sauce with honey mustard dusted with old bay. This leaves you with the taste of the bayou and a savory bite. It’s not only about heat, for the taste buds with a preference for sweetness, JD’s offers sweet, savory and tangy BBQ sauce and Rasta. Rasta is a sweet and tangy Caribbean jerk sauce. The last on our list the Mikey sauce, which is a seasoned hot sauce with ranch dressing, and just a hint of lemon. Come out on a Tuesday for Wing Night and try all of our delicious choices.

It’s also not all about Wing Night, you can also catch the game on 20+ flatscreens! So much indulgence, for no cost at all! Regulars at the bar, vouch for a fact that this is the place they want to be.