Crab Balls – $9.99
bite size crab cakes w/ cocktail sauce
Sampler – $9.99
combo of fingers, wings, mozz sticks & onion rings
Loaded Fries – $6.99
melted cheddar & crispy bacon w/ ranch
Cheesesteak Nachos – $8.99
topped with cheddar & melted colby jack cheese,
steak meat & fried onions
JD’s Nachos Grande – $8.99
topped with cheddar & melted colby jack cheese,
homemade chili, diced tomatoes & jalapenos
Grilled Chicken Nachos – $8.99
topped with cheddar & melted colby jack cheese,
pico de gallo & grilled chicken
Chicken Quesadillas – $8.99
with cheese, onions & tomato
Shrimp In A Basket – $7.99
golden fried shrimp served with french fries
Cordon Bleu Bites – $6.99
chicken nuggets stuffed with ham & cheese
Mozzarella Sticks – $5.99
breaded cheese sticks served with marinara
Onion Rings – $4.99
beer battered & golden fried
Potato Skins – $6.99
baked & loaded with cheddar cheese & bacon
French Fries – $2.99
Cheese Fries – $3.99
Old Bay Fries – $3.99
Sweet Potato Fries – $2.99
soup & salads
Crock Of French Onion – $4.99
homemade & topped with melted cheese
Crock Of Chili – $4.99
house made chili with cheese served with tortilla
Soup Of The Day – $3.99
hot, homemade soup of the day served by the bowl
Tossed Salad – $5.99
fresh, crisp lettuce with tomatoes
Chicken Caesar Salad – $7.99
fresh romaine & croutons in creamy caesar
Signature Salad – $8.99
sesame chicken with veggies &
colby jack over spring mix
Crab Cake Salad – $9.99
house made crab cake atop
mixed greens & veggies
Caprese Salad – $7.99
fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil &
mixed greens w/ balsamic vinaigrette
Chef Salad – $8.99
fresh tossed salad with turkey, ham, cheese,
roast beef and fresh veggies.
Cheesesteak – $7.99
a philly classic with sautéed onions & velvety
cheese stuffed in crispy bread dough
Crab Cake – $9.99
mini crab cakes dressed with a roasted pepper
mayo, lettuce & tomato
Sesame Chicken – $7.99
tossed in our sesame batter, topped with colby jack
Bbq Pulled Pork – $7.99
award winning pulled pork in our homemade bbq
Cheeseburger – $7.99
3 mini burgers served with choice of american,
cheddar, colby jack, lettuce & tomato
Hamburger – $7.99
char grilled to your desired temperature
Cheeseburger – $8.99
topped with american cheese
Bacon Cheeseburger – $8.99
melted cheddar & crispy bacon
‘Cuddy’ Burger – $8.99
melted cheddar, sautéed mushrooms & onions
‘Big t’ Burger – $8.99
melted colby jack, onion rings & crispy bacon
Veggie Burger – $7.99
vegan friendly burger topped with
fresh tomato and lettuce
JD’s World Famous

Chicken Wings
jd’s famous wings well done tossed in your favorite sauce
5pc – $4.99 10pc – $7.99 20pc – $14.99

Sesame Cchicken Fingers
sesame chicken tenders served with honey dijon mustard …
or try them tossed in your favorite sauce
5pc – $6.99 10pc – $11.99

Sesame Chicken Bites
bite size sesame chicken tossed in your favorite sauce
– $6.99

classic louisiana hot
Old Bay
a taste of the
chesapeake with melted
signature wing breaded
in our secret batter
honey bbq sauce with a
hint of hot sauce
Buffalo Garlic
roasted garlic tossed
with buffalo hot sauce
Jack’s Bourbon
sweet and tangy
southern style bourbon
Old Nellie
hot sauce & honey
mustard dusted with
old bay
Hot Ass
extra hot, but very
tasty hot sauce
sweet & savory &
tangy bbq sauce
hot sauce with ranch
dressing & hint of
sweet and tangy
caribbean jerked
sandwich board (served with chips)
Turkey Club – $7.99
our own oven roasted turkey with bacon,
lettuce & tomato
Crab Cake – $9.99
jumbo lump crabmeat broiled & served on
a toasted bun
Sesame Chicken – $7.99
coated in our sesame batter, topped with colby
jack. served on a toasted bun
Open Faced Turkey – $8.99
our oven roasted turkey smothered with piping hot
gravy. served with fries
Tuna Melt – $7.99
chunk light tuna served on rye toast with bacon,
tomato & melted provolone
Reuben – $8.99
grilled corned beef & swiss cheese on rye toast with
sauerkraut & russian dressing
Prime Rib – $9.99
hand-carved prime rib, topped with carmelized
onions, melted american cheese & horseradish
Bbq Pulled Pork – $6.99
tender pulled pork doused in our homemade bbq
sauce. served on a toasted bun
Chrissel Special – $7.99
hand carved roast beef with american cheese
& au jus served on toasted garlic bread
Chicken Cheesesteak – $7.99
fresh chicken breast diced & sautéed with
homemade american cheese sauce
Cheesesteak – $6.99
fresh chipped sirloin, topped with american
Buffalo Chicken – $7.99
sesame chicken drenched in hot sauce with bleu
cheese on a toasted bun
Grilled Chicken – $7.99
fresh grilled chicken breast with lettuce & tomato
Chicken Parm – $7.99
hand breaded chicken breast topped with melted
mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara
Italian Hoagie – $6.99
fresh sliced ham, genoa salami, capicola with
provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion
Blt – $5.99
crispy bacon, lettuce & tomato on choice of toast
big 5 – (served on seeded long roll) (served by the ½ plank) pizza
Lasalle Explorer – $7.99
our own turkey breast, topped with sharp
provolone & roasted red peppers
Penn Quaker – $7.99
hand breaded chicken cutlet, topped with
marinara, roasted red peppers & mozzarella
St. Joe Hawk – $7.99
hand breaded chicken cutlet, topped with sharp
provolone & long hot peppers
Temple Owl – $7.99
homemade italian roast pork topped with sharp
provolone & roasted red peppers
Villanova Wildcat – $7.99
grilled chicken topped with broccoli rabe, roasted
red peppers & melted provolone
Traditional – $7.99
our own pizza sauce, topped with mozzarella
Santa Fe – $8.99
grilled chicken caramelized onions & bbq sauce,
topped with colby jack cheese
Rustica – $8.99
fresh garlic, portobello mushrooms, sundried
tomato, basil & roasted red peppers, topped with
melted mozzarella
White – $7.99
olive oil, fresh garlic, tomato & basil, topped with
melted fresh mozzarella
Buffalo Chicken – $8.99
grilled chicken tossed in our hot sauce with bleu
cheese dressing, topped with melted mozzarella
Pepperoni – $8.99
our own pizza sauce, topped with mozzarella
cheese & pepperoni
jd’s drink board (all drinks served in pint glass) — $7 all day
JD’s Ice Pick
your choice of flavored vodka with refreshing
ice cold tea cooler = tasty treat
Liquid Courage
cuddies little secret, drink at your own risk.
have one of these and we’ll see you in the morning
Irish Trash Can
a refreshing mix of gin, rum, vodka, peach
schnapps, blue curacao & triple sec and filled with
energy drink
Long Island Ice Tea
a delicious combination of gin, rum, vodka, tequila
& triple sec with sour mix & a splash of coke
(make it electric)
Cuddys Dirty Punch
your choice of flavored vodka with pineapple juice,
ginger ale & splash of cranberry topped with sugar
Jack Rodgers
a classic jack & coke mixed with cherry juice